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Welcome to DP-6 & DP-6 Records official site.

DP-6 is a music project founded in 2000 by Vadim Indigo and Alexey Filin.

Musical tastes of the project participants were formed under the influence of the electronic scene of the 90s. it is reflected in their music that combines atmospheric and machine sounds. The defining moment for DP-6 was in 2003, when the first project‘s record was released, and a few years later the track DP-6 became a part Hernan Cattaneo's Renaissance compilation, which was well accepted on electronic scene. Alexey and Vadim are also the founders of the label DP-6 Records, which publishes not only their own tracks, but also music of other artists.

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DP-6: Blue Chasm
If you want to know more about the history of the DP-6 project, you should listen to Blue Chasm. The original version of this track was created in the early 2000s, when Vadim and Alexey were immersed into the atmosphere of the southern sound. But in those years the track was not released. It is there, where the hot sun shines brightly and hypnotic music sounds, the Blue Chasm exists - the place that inspired for the creation of this track. And now, many years later, we are happy to present a rethinking of this magical work in the form of two versions: Reincarnation mix and Remaster, which absorbed all the best from that atmosphere.

DP-6, rcnetlark: Meditation
And today we are going to please you with a new mini album «Meditation", recorded during gloomy winter evenings together with DP-6 project and rcnetlark. Continuing the idea of "67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko" album, “Meditation" also consists of seven episodes. But this time it comes from space depths down to earth for calm, harmony and balance. Meditation was inspired by the idea of combining atmospheric electronic music and ethnic motifs. All the episodes of the album are purposely arranged in the their creation order, not to disrupt the harmony of meditation. We were looking for the beauty in sleeping winter forest, wrapped in snow, in the foggy sea and in the most non-obvious spaces. Sometimes music made us feel blue and sometimes we found solace in it. And finally, when we finished the seventh episode, we realized that we had succeded to share our feelings with you. So close your eyes and follow your breath. The meditation begins.

DP-6 - Reliance (Renaissance Mix)
We liked the track Reliance and its deep sound so much that we decided to think this musical work over. In the new Renaissance remix we keep the basis of this track, but breathe a different energy and vibe into it.

Daniel Brooks: Stranded
Today on DP-6 Records is the release STRANDED from the producer Daniel Brooks, who is already well known to you. As in his previous works for our label, his sound is distinctive and original. This time he presents two new tracks: Stranded and IIndustry. The release also includes a remix from the DP-6 project.

DP-6 feat. Mikha Kombu: Get Down
Get Down everybody! Welcome the new wild and crazy release in collaboration with Mikha Kombu. There are two mind-blowed versions in the pack: original and witted dub mix. So take care of your heads and press play.

Oreason: Aura
French duo Oreason comes back to the DP-6 Records label with a new release "Aura". This time guys present three strong deep house works, as well as a remix of the lead track "Aura" by DP-6. Strengthen your musical Aura with these beautiful tracks.

DP-6: Vision
Your vision will become clear only if you can look into your heart. If there is music you are on the right way.

Rod V - Ethereal (DP-6 remix)
We are proud to present our remix on amazing track Rod V - "Ethereal'. It was released on Droid9 label. All in all, the release is a real treat for all lovers of progressive house music.

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