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Welcome to DP-6 & DP-6 Records official site.

DP-6 is a music project founded in 2000 by Vadim Indigo and Alexey Filin.

Musical tastes of the project participants were formed under the influence of the electronic scene of the 90s. it is reflected in their music that combines atmospheric and machine sounds. The defining moment for DP-6 was in 2003, when the first project‘s record was released, and a few years later the track DP-6 became a part Hernan Cattaneo's Renaissance compilation, which was well accepted on electronic scene. Alexey and Vadim are also the founders of the label DP-6 Records, which publishes not only their own tracks, but also music of other artists.

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DP-6, rcnetlark: Cherry Blossom
Introducing another spring and floral release on DP-6 Records. Cherry Blossom is a musical collaboration with rcnetlark. Inspired by the beauty and energy of sakura, this kind and soulful composition takes you back to the time of bright melodies and fiery rhythms of disco music.

DP-6: Dive
Dive into the musical depths with this new release on DP-6 Records. Composed of original and dub versions, it will be your guide to the boundless space of pulsating bass and hypnotic sounds full of mystery and riddles.

DP-6: Salvation
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of à new release on DP-6 Records and its harmony will become your musical Salvation. Dive into its depths and the dullest landscapes will suddenly appear in a new light with bright colors, blossoming like a desert after rain.

DP-6: Insight
With the rays of warm spring sunshine new release "INSIGHT" is born on DP-6 records. Scented with jasmine, it sets you in a warm, positive mood.

DP-6: Trom
Inspired by the beauty of northern nature, its fjords, mountains and glaciers, release "TROM" will take you to the heart of this magical land. The release contains original and dub versions. Choose your own and go on a trip with us.

Freedo Mosho & DP-6 - Hidden Manna
This week has been full of musical news. Today DP-6 and Freedo Mosho's collaborative track Hidden Manna has been released on Electronic Groove Records. It was included in the Various Artists - Revelations, Vol. 14.

DP-6: Azimuth
Moving forward in the right direction with the new release on DP-6 Records. It is a symbiosis of different styles and consists of two tracks from DP-6, filled with energy and deep melodies: "Azimuth" and "Symbiosis".

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