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Welcome to DP-6 & DP-6 Records official site.

DP-6 is a music project founded in 2000 by Vadim Indigo and Alexey Filin.

Musical tastes of the project participants were formed under the influence of the electronic scene of the 90s. it is reflected in their music that combines atmospheric and machine sounds. The defining moment for DP-6 was in 2003, when the first project‘s record was released, and a few years later the track DP-6 became a part Hernan Cattaneo's Renaissance compilation, which was well accepted on electronic scene. Alexey and Vadim are also the founders of the label DP-6 Records, which publishes not only their own tracks, but also music of other artists.

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DP-6 feat. Mikha Kombu: The Future
Three new dancefloor tracks are on DP-6 Records in collaboration with Mikha Kombu in the release "The Future".

Alex Doering - Enlightment (DP-6 remix)
A big release comes to us from the masterful Alex Doering! The release called "Enlightment" consists of one deep and mystical track, accompanied by fantastic colors of synthesizers intertwined with deep house groove, and behind it is Alex, but also five fantastic remixes, which make this release great in itself, and for which they are responsible Big-Al, Tlazohtla, Santo, Sinai and DP-6! You have had the opportunity to meet some of them, and for some, this is their debut release on The Purr! All in all, we can say that this is a real treat for all lovers of deep and organic house music.

Dubtommy: A Story
Welcome "A Story" from Dubtommy, the producer is based in Amsterdam. The release includes wide shapes of music mood from deep and dreamy electronic in the track "A Story" to warm house vibes in "Never To End". A nice addition to the release is a remix from Dubtommy on DP-6 - "Sunday Morning".

DP-6: Daisy
On the last day of this summer we present our track 'Daisy' as an ode to this sunny time. Sending you rays of the warm with this soft and a bit sentimental track. Hope, you’ll get a huge pleasure and a long aftertaste of these amazing days.

doradice.: Moris
Welcome "Moris", an another release by artist "doradice." on DP-6 records. Earlier he released "Tunnel EP" on the label. At this time the release includes original version of the track "Moris" and the remix from Alexander Matchak.

SUN2022VIBES, Pt. 2
Today we are happy to present the second part of our annual summer compilation SUN2022VIBES. This part includes such artists as Ludowick, James Owen, Deepofomin and DP-6.
Enjoy these sunny vibes, hot carefree summer days & nights.
Please don't forget to check the first part of compilation that was released last week.

SUN2022VIBES, Pt. 1
Right in the heat of summer we have prepared two compilations SUN2022VIBES with DP-6 Records tracks, in which we have collected music with summer sunny mood. Today we present the first part that includes tracks by Alex Doering, Ludowick, doradice., Vadim Basov, DP-6. Enjoy this summer vibes. The second part will be released on July 22.

DP-6: Montserrat
Meet a new release on DP-6 Records. Montserrat is a musical story from the DP-6 project about distant journeys and great adventures. The release combines two tracks - groovy and sunny Montserrat and deep and hypnotic Lagrange Point. This music is perfect for the dancefloor and also for those moments when you want to get into the mood.

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