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Welcome to DP-6 & DP-6 Records official site.

DP-6 is a music project founded in 2000 by Vadim Indigo and Alexey Filin.

Musical tastes of the project participants were formed under the influence of the electronic scene of the 90s. it is reflected in their music that combines atmospheric and machine sounds. The defining moment for DP-6 was in 2003, when the first project‘s record was released, and a few years later the track DP-6 became a part Hernan Cattaneo's Renaissance compilation, which was well accepted on electronic scene. Alexey and Vadim are also the founders of the label DP-6 Records, which publishes not only their own tracks, but also music of other artists.

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SUN2021VIBES, pt. 1
Dear friends, to celebrate the label's 200th release and mid-summer, we have prepared a festive compilation - SUN2021VIBES. It consists of two parts and is based on various tracks of the label's artists. All these works are united by summer & sunny mood, as we love! The first part includes works by Oreason, Helly Larson, Vadim Basov, Dust Yard, Shapeless Lab, Ev Darko, Deepofomin, Deep Spelle and the DP-6 project. The release of the second part is scheduled for July, 23, 2021.

New DP-6 Records releases

DR200SV1 SUN2021VIBES, pt. 1 SUN2021VIBES, pt. 1
( DP-6 Records, DR200SV1 )

01. DP-6 - Atlantis
02. Oreason - Jumanji (DP-6 Remix)
03. DP-6 - Lone Moon (Original mix)
04. Vadim Basov - One Month
05. DP-6 - Lost At Sea (Helly Larsons Noordwijk Remix)
06. Deepofomin - Morning LFO (DP-6 Rising dub)
07. DP-6 - Impact (Dust Yard Remix)
08. DP-6 - Cava (Dub mix)
09. Ev Darko - Time Train (Deep Spelle Remix)
10. DP-6 - Posidonia
11. Shapeless Lab - Cola Peninsula
12. DP-6 - Es Vedra
13. DP-6 - Dinner On The Terrace

Beatport - download release
DR199 Eddi Shkiper: Message From The Past Eddi Shkiper: Message From The Past
( DP-6 Records, DR199 )

01. Message from the past (Original mix)
02. Message from the past (DP-6 remix)
03. Message from the past (DP-6 dub)

Beatport - download release
New DP-6 mixes

Vadim Indigo (DP-6) - set @ RRL (2021-04-30)
Vadim Indigo (DP-6) - set @ RRL (2021-04-30)

Alexey Filin (DP-6) - Textura, part 05
Alexey Filin (DP-6) - Textura, part 05