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DP-6 records
Label releases available on Beatport, Junodownload and other stores.

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Vadim Indigo (DP-6) - Wonderground 2DAY
Vadim Indigo (DP-6) - Wonderground 2DAY

deep house
Vadim Indigo (DP-6) - Wonderground 2NIGHT
Vadim Indigo (DP-6) - Wonderground 2NIGHT

progressive house

DP-6 Biography

DP-6 project's participants are Alexey Filin and Vadim Indigo. Since 2000 the project is famous for its successful musical works in different spheres. DP-6 is Live & DJ performances in private night clubs and on big floors, great number of digital, vinyl & cd releases all over the world. DP-6 has come out well in making successful remixes. Their tracks got support from the World Djs, they were in many charts & sounded in different sets, radios and compilations. Alexey and Vadim are presenters of their own "DP-6 Presents Russian Minds" show on PureFM online radio.They are also frequent visitors at many other radios. In 2008 the project begin to produce music independently. They open DP-6 Records label directed on multifaceted in sound but unique in performance music. DP-6 is more than just a project, it's a hard work in studio, it's their own philosophy & it's always unique, cognate sound that never leaves the dancefloor unfazed.

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DP-6 Presents Russian Minds
Pure.Fm radio ( USA, )
21:00 - 23:00 GMT, every first thursday of each month. This is a full 2 hour of deep and techy sounds.
progressive chanel / listen

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DP-6 General contact


For submission of demos please email as at We accept demo links.

Alexey Filin


Vadim Indigo

mob. +79065914221
skype: vadimindigo
   DP-6 Records. DR132
DR132 Ivan Stereotekk: Angel Dust

Ivan Stereotekk: Angel Dust, Digital
( DP-6 Records, DR132 )

01. Angel Dust (Original mix)
02. Angel Dust (Yuriy from Russia remix )
03. Angel Dust (Ambiental Mix)

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   DP-6 Records. DRR007
DRR007 DP-6: Timeless Part 07

DP-6: Timeless Part 07, Digital
( DP-6 Records, DRR007 )

01. Vostok
02. Pu-Erh
03. Bad Dreams
04. Moth
05. Resonance
06. Tochka
07. Brian Boru
08. Gambit
09. Waves
10. Slap

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   DP-6 Records. DR131
DR131 Rishi K.: DMT

Rishi K.: DMT, Digital
( DP-6 Records, DR131 )

01. DMT
02. De Ja Vu

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