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Frederick Ansgar: Newland Castle

Frederick Ansgar: Newland Castle
( DP-6 Records, DR255 )

01. Newland Castle
02. Run In The Night
03. Emrnt

New artist, new sound! Get to know Frederick Ansgars music. His debut release "Newland Castle" on DP-6 Records is available now on all platforms. "Newland Castle" reflects the evolution of the producer's sound, his desire to experiment with new textures and atmospheres. Frederick started working on the release on the train, where he sketched out the ideas on the way home. And later he finalized these tracks over several sessions at home. Now this edition consists of three original works - "Newland Castle", "Run In The Night" and "Emrnt". In these tracks Frederick dives deeper into the atmospheric sound, moving from hard to a softer and more melodic one.

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