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DR221SV1 V/A SUN2022VIBES, Pt.1

V/A SUN2022VIBES, Pt.1
( DP-6 Records, DR221SV1 )

01. DP-6 - Flow (Sunset mix)
02. Ludowick - Eminium (Original Mix)
03. DP-6 - Lotus
04. DP-6 - Happy Tuesday (Alex Doering Remix)
05. DP-6 - Azalia
06. doradice. - Tunnel (DP-6 remix)
07. DP-6 - First Breath
08. DP-6 - White Island
09. DP-6 - Kinesis (original mix)
10. DP-6 - Coast
11. DP-6 - Lovers On A Stroll
12. Vadim Basov - Spring Story (Outro)

SUN2022VIBES, Pt. 1
Right in the heat of summer we have prepared two compilations SUN2022VIBES with DP-6 Records tracks, in which we have collected music with summer sunny mood. Today we present the first part that includes tracks by Alex Doering, Ludowick, doradice., Vadim Basov, DP-6. Enjoy this summer vibes. The second part will be released on July 22.

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