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DP-6 RECORDS DP-6: Dreamer

DP-6: Dreamer, Digital / Mp3
( DP-6 Records )
( DR075 )

01. Revolver
02. Balearic
03. Aliens

Junodownload: "With nearly 40 EPs to their credit, DP-6 aka Alexey Filin and Vadim Indigo, have carved out a niche for their clubby sound - and 'Dreamer' shows why they are an in-demand act. Like a middle ground between DJ tool house and loopy techno, they appeal to both camps. This is evident on 'Balearic', a tripped out, acid-heavy groove that made nods to classic acid trax and modern house. Things take a more sinister turn on the rolling rhythm of 'Revolver', where evil riffs spiral to a thrilling climax and 'Aliens' continues with this theme, as heavy claps underpin a rough bass and eerie riffs."